Us and Them

There are some brilliant marketers online.

There are some truly caring, ethical and principled business people on the internet.

And then there is “Them”

And “Them” prey on “Us”

OK, that’s not good grammar but the point being everyday another person, one of “Us” falls foul of the glitzy hype and oversell that typifies “Them” and gets suckered into spending money with the dream that the program, e-book or service will be the answer to their prayers.

All too often it is just another waste of hard earned cash that sits on the hard drive because it leaves too many questions unanswered, or requires more money to be spend on the absolutely “must have” upsell.

So what happens, we’re human so we lick our wounds, shrug our shoulders and get taken in by the next offer, This one will be different right? The sales letter says all I have to do is open the box and money will roll in.

And what about the ongoing programs? Monthly payments = ongoing help, on tap, whenever you need it. Ah, no reply, but loads more emails from the same guys promoting something else.

Yes, my friends it’s really “US & THEM”.

Now I don’t want to change sides, but I do want to CHANGE.

I want to change it for “US”.

It can be done and it will be done. There a lot more of “US” and we won’t put up with it anymore.

Sign up to the RSS feed, bookmark / favourite this blog – read every post, comment whenever you can, bookmark the posts on Digg, Stumble,, Technorati, whatever you prefer. Let’s get the word out.

The source of the information you really need, without the hype, without the ridiculous cost is here.

The Generals are sitting, and manipulating the front ranks. Do they care?

It is time for the change, I don’t want to be the old man who died for the lack of drink and food!

Join me and let’s stamp out Guru Fodder.

The Anti Hype

Us And Them