Let the Fear Remain

by: Kuya Daniel S. Razon
SOMETIMES WHEN WE sit down and ask ourselves why we worry too much, we can’t really find a definite answer, we try to identify what scares us most to avoid it, but the more we get afraid. And whether we accept it or not, our fears get the lions share in the pie of obstacles to success. Because of this intense and persistent fear, many people often lead a constricted life. Setting aside the fact that there is a broader study about phobia, let us examine fear in our own simple perspective.

If you are not that good in public speaking, then, the possibility of being afraid to speak before a large audience is very high. Even just the thought of taking up the bar examinations can make your world turn upside down. It seems that your four years in law school is not enough to rid yourself of those butterflies in your stomach.

Whew! Quite a tough task ahead of you, and you’re not even sure if you still want to take your first seat. Why? Because you are afraid! And your fear is slowly eating up all the reserved strength that you invested in past years if your life. It is true in every aspect of our life. There is a certain fear that keeps on appearing in our strength box that somehow causes the deterioration of our power. It is also a matter of intensity, the higher the intensity of fear the more the destructive it can be.

Inside the classroom, fear and nervousness often occupy every seat of students waiting to be called in a graded recitation. We also wonder why all the lessons we read the night before have vanished during the time that we needed it most. Our ability to reach the top speed and to hit our maximum level of competence and intelligence is hindered and challenged by the unwanted seed of fear. Inasmuch as we want to uproot our fears, reality says it can’t be totally eradicated no matter how hard we try. Don’t be bothered, it is not fatal. Even the bravest man who ever lived on earth was not free from fears. What matters most is how we overcome our fears.

Based on research, fear may result in a violent physical manifestation such as the quaking of the limbs or a momentary loss of voice. But don’t get me wrong fear is not bad, in the same manner there is what we call good cholesterol that helps our body in survival. Fear can be very useful, remember: the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So, LET THE FEAR REMAIN.

(courtesy of Believer Newsmagazine)