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The Bible Readers Society International (Bread Society) is a duly registered and accredited organization of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a non-government and non-sectarian socio-civic youth-oriented organization in different colleges and universities which aims to institutionalize in the academe bible reading, studying and consequently uplifting the morality of the impaired image of the youth

Moreover, the Bread Society, as a group, recognizes the aggravating societal ills that affect our nation and acknowledges the need for concrete actions that could help alleviate the situation of our countrymen and children. We believe that through our small initiatives in utilizing our God-given talents, we could play a big role in pursuing an authentic economical and more importantly moral metamorphosis in our country.


Bringing this vision a notch higher, Bread Society spearheads another avant-garde program, as we present BREAD LITTLE, a fun and insightful program for our children in elementary schools, which aims to help our teachers teach moral values through and using the Holy Scriptures and at the same time lend a hand to our underprivileged children. This event will be held according to the preference of the school administration.

We are going to teach these children some stories and parables from the Bible. We will be using fun and enjoyable activities such as puppet shows, multimedia presentations etc.

Here is the list of some activities and benefits that your school may have.

BREADTime Stories

Retelling of Bible stories using audio-visual presentations, puppet shows and other visual aids with the help of a facilitator

BREAD Little Star

A talent workshop for the kids which would unravel their potentials and teach them how to use it

BREAD Little Wish

Granting some wishes of BREAD Little members like a bicycle, new set of uniform etc.

BREAD for the Little

An outreach program. There will be a first-hand study on the needs of the school community and the organization will extend its service. (Feeding project, oplan linis etc.)

BREAD Little: Health Alert

A symposium on proper hygiene and other health benefits tackled in the Bible.

BREAD Winner

Proper parenting seminar in a Biblical perspective that would let our parents know their duties and responsibilities


Medical and Dental mission of the organization

BREAD Little Work

A workshop of doing a certain job and/or duty and tackles the sense of responsibility

Academic Workshop

Seminar on some useful academic tips to help the students study their lessons easily


Members of the BREAD Little can have a chance to be a scholar of the organization