At present, the organization has over members consisting of students, alumni and professors from more than 100 chapters across the globe.


Bible Readers Society is the first organization to have its own youth-orientated television program in the Philippines. “BREAD TAMBAYAN” is aired regularly on UNTV37 and can be watched via internet at

BREAD TAMBAYAN is a magazine show that aims to deliver awareness in the issues around our society in Biblical perspective and to encourage the youth, especially the students, to participate in various socio-civic activities. It also intends to stimulate awareness regarding the objectives and importance of the organization.

CIST Seminar– stands for COMMUNICATIVE IMPASSIONED SYSTEMATIC and TIME-BOUND leadership seminar of Luzon Region that aims to provide a good understanding of the process of “UNLEARNING” as an effective introductory step to the “LEARNING Process”.

Symposium– a convention of students which tackles current issues and topics from the academe and the Bible

Leadership Training-officers of the organization undergoes this training to prepare them in responding appropriately to the demands of the challenging time. This gives a lot of encouraging insights on positive thinking as well as on handling pressures and conflicts in a group.

Career Orientation Seminar-gives direction on the various fields that a graduating student may choose

Bible Fest– members of the organization compete in Bible Quiz Bee, Verse Memorization, and Bible Preaching categories; this is to enhance the knowledge on the scriptures as a part of the service to the Creator.

Bible Exhibits-exposes the authenticity of the Bible through visual presentations usually placed in a hall or gallery

Sports fest-different sports activities are played to promote camaraderie among BREAD members

Medical, dental and legal mission- a service-oriented program that aims to help fellow citizens in their physical welfare and legal matters for free

Summer Camp-every summer, members of the organization await for the summer camp, various outdoor activities are held, a fun day for “brainstorming”, “creative thinking”, and empowerment of officers. This is a time for the officers to talk, remind them of the goals and renew their commitment.

Think Act Persists Project (TAP Project) a theme of the organization which illustrates the extensive and zealous desire of the organization to propagate the words of God and lead the people in reading the Bible.

Prison Visit-as stated in Matthew 25:36, “…I was in prison, and ye came unto me”, visiting prisoners is one of the socio-civic activities of the organization. A program is held to entertain the prisoners and provide them some of their needs like food and medicines.

Bread and Butter—Jobs fair for the jobless

BREAD Cut– free circumcision for the less fortunate in various communities