Automatic Methods

If your Deep Freeze version is listed below, you can use Deep Unfreeze program here. The procedure is as follows:

1. Run the program
2. Click load status, make sure that Log Deep freeze detected shown. If not, this program is not supported.
3. Click Boot Thawed on Status on Next Boot to unfreeze on next boot.
4. Click Save Status button and reboot your computer.

After you reboot, your Deep Freeze will be in Thawed Mode. To uninstall this program completely, you must have installer with the same version. Just choose Uninstall in the option.

List of detected Deep Freeze version in Deep Unfreeze 1.6

Windows 9X:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Windows 2K/XP:,,,,,,,,,, (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched),,, and
Manual Methods

Disclaimer : I am not responsible on the loss and damage caused by this tutorial. You yourself responsible on what you do. This step for an expert only.

First, you should have AVAST BART PE, if you don’t, Download here, unzip and burn it in a CD.

PRELIMINARY : You should have at least 2 partition on your computer, 1 is freeze-d and one is not.

#1. If you know your deepfreeze version and having the installer but you forgot your password, try to :

1. install deepfreeze on another computer
2. remember it’s password
3. copy persis00.sys to a flash disk and copy it to your target computer, but in another partition which is not freeze-d, for example in d:/ (coz you can’t copy it in c:/)
4. use BART PE to reboot the target computer
5. change your persis00.sys in c:/ with one in d:/
6. Reboot in normal mode
7. Your password is one you write in step 2
8. NOTES : for security, you can rename your persis00.sys in c:/ to another name. Who knows, something going wrong, and you still able to change your file back again

#2. If you don’t know the version, and don’t have any installer whatsoever, try this:

On Windows 95/98/Me:

DeepFreeze is a VxD (Virtual Device Driver) located in

Just boot your computer using BART PE, find this file and rename it. Use Registry editor in BART PE to find registry referencing to persifrz.vxd. Export and save this registry value in another partition for a back-up. Delete the registry value.

Restart your computer in normal mode, see whether your Deep Freeze is running or not.

NOTES : If your computer is refuse to boot after this step, just rename this file to it’s original name, and import the registry value.

On Windows 2000/XP

On Windows 2000/XP, DeepFreeze consists of several important files: There are 2 drivers and 1 service

* DepFrzLo.sys (kernel driver)
* DepFrzHi.sys (filesystem driver)
* dfserv.exe (service)
* frzstate.exe (password dialog)
* persis00.sys (password file and “on/off switch”)

Just boot your computer using BART PE, find this 3 file and rename it (the name is up to you). Use Registry editor in BART PE to find registry referencing to this 3 files. Export the registry to another save place, for example in d:/ partition before you delete it.

NOTES : If your computer is crash after this step, just rename the 3 files back to it’s original name, and import the registry value.